Kia UVO interface

What is Kia UVO? Although UVO has gone through numerous changes over the years, the name is most commonly used to refer to your Kia vehicle's infotainment system and smartphone-interfacing technology. 

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What Does Kia UVO Do?

Today, our new Kia vehicles almost always include a touchscreen control center as standard, and most offer either Kia UVO eServices or Kia UVO link as an upgrade. So, what is Kia UVO? With either package, you'll be able to download the Kia UVO app and access unique features and capabilities, even when you're away from the wheel! 

Through Kia UVO and your 7 or 8-inch touchscreen, you'll have the power to control almost all of the features in your vehicle. Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto™ come standard in many models, so it's easy to learn how to pair your phone with Kia UVO and enjoy your favorite music on the road. You can also use your touchscreen interface to access a range of other simple and easy-to-use apps, designed for use on the go.

Kia UVO eServices

The real fun begins when you know how to pair your phone with the Kia UVO app. If your vehicle is offered with Kia UVO eServices, you'll be able to use your preferred device to access: 

  • My Points-of-Interest - Save locations for future navigation, plan stops during road trips, and mark your favorite destinations. 
  • My Car Zone - Set alert thresholds for each person who drives your Kia. If your vehicle is driven at times, speeds, or in locations you designate, you'll get an alert on your Kia UVO app.
  • Parking Minder - Never lose your Kia in a parking garage again when you can navigate to it through your Kia UVO app. 
  • 911 Connect - If your airbags deploy, Kia UVO will automatically contact 911. 

These features make it easy to navigate through Schaumburg, Bartlett, or some other unfamiliar area. 

Kia UVO link

What about Kia UVO link? The newest iteration of Kia UVO is available with several different subscription packages. How much does this Kia UVO service cost? With many properly-equipped new Kia vehicles, the convenience is complimentary for the first five years. If you're wondering, does Kia UVO have remote start, the answer is yes! Kia UVO remote start is available in select Kia models through Kia UVO link. Here's what you can do with each UVO link subscription, using the smartphone-based Kia UVO app or your vehicle's built-in touchscreen:

Kia UVO link Lite

  • MyTrips
  • 911 Connect
  • Maintenance Alert
  • Kia UVO Remote Start (in Select Models)

Kia UVO link Care

  • All UVO link Lite features
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Vehicle Alarm Alert
  • Curfew Alert

Kia UVO link Plus

  • All UVO link Lite and UVO link Care features
  • Remote Climate Control
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Find My Car

Kia UVO link Ultimate

  • All UVO link Lite, UVO link Care, and UVO link Plus features
  • My POIs
  • Home-to-car for Alexa and Google

How to Pair Your Phone to Kia UVO

Regardless of which Kia UVO service you get, you'll need to know how to pair your phone to Kia UVO. It's a simple process: 

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your smartphone's settings
  2. Press the "i" key on your Kia vehicle
  3. Select "Setup" on the touchscreen display
  4. Select "Phone" on the touchscreen display
  5. Select "Bluetooth Connection" on the touchscreen display
  6. Select "Add New" on the touchscreen display
  7. On your smartphone, select the name of your vehicle from the Bluetooth menu (it will likely be the model name of your Kia)
  8. If prompted, enter the passkey displayed on your touchscreen display into your phone
  9. If prompted, choose to make your phone the Primary Phone so that it automatically pairs with your Kia when the vehicle is turned on

And then you should be ready to go, knowing how to pair your phone to Kia UVO!

What Does Kia UVO Cost?

As for what does Kia UVO cost, there are four tiers that include different levels of service:

Lite - Complimentary for 5 Years

  • My trips
  • 911 Connect
  • Maintenance Alert
  • Remote Charge
  • And more! 

Care - $9.99 monthly / $99 annually

  • Lite Package and:
  • Curfew Alert
  • Vehicle Alarm Alert
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • And more! 

Plus - $22.50 monthly / $225 annually

  • Care Package and: 
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Climate
  • Find My Car
  • And more!

Ultimate - $29.79 monthly / $297 annually

  • Plus Package and:
  • Home-to-Car (Alexa)
  • Home-to-Car (Google)
  • My POIs
  • And more!

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